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Baja Church Restoration Mission


Nuestra Senora De Los Angeles Church
in Bahía de los Ángeles

Baja Church Restoration

The Bahia De Los Angeles church was started, but never completed, due to lack of funds in the community. The building is covered only by a particle board roof now, and hence has suffered extensive damage from the rain. The renovation of the church is urgently needed because of the danger that threatens the parishioners. Baja Church Restoration Mission (BCRM) seeks to help by first fixing the roof on this beautiful church so the other necessary repairs can be completed.  BCRM is completely not-for-profit, and relies fully on donations and help from friends, family and other organizations who have a heart for this mission.

Nuestra Senora De Los Angeles is the primary church within two hours of this community for worship, ministry, marriages and for the children to learn about God.  Without this building, the town will not have a central gathering place.  BCRM believes this is such a healthy and important part of life in Bahia, and it must be saved.


Time is running out! As the weather continues to damage the external and internal structures, the building is becoming unsafe to use.  Please consider helping BCRM raise the funds needed to build a sturdy and safe roof to weather-proof this structure.



Please help Baja Church Restoration Mission (BCRM) meet their goal of putting a roof on this parish, so they can save the building from weather damage and continue to do the other repairs!







All donations are tax deductable

Priest's Changing Room Dilapidated
Damaged Pews Baja Church Restoration
Badly Rotting Door Baja Church Restoration
No Running Water Baja Church Restoration
Particle Board Roof Baja Church Restoration
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